COVID-19 Resources for Children & Families

Thanks to our wonderful friends at First5 Association of California who compiled an amazing list of COVID-19 Resources for Children & Families that they allowed us to print in its entirety. 

Learn more about how Los Gatos Pediatrics is managing pediatric care during the pandemic and our virtual pediatric care through Tele-Health Pediatric Visits.  

Media Resources 

Common Sense Media: Resources for Families
Dr. Barbara Stroud: COVID-19 Tips for Parents 
National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children About COVID-19 
First 5 Lake County: Handwashing Songs
Supporting Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times Guide and Toolkit
Early Start and Special Education Q&A’s in Multiple Languages
Autism Society COVID-19 toolkits for parents
Google Chrome accessibility extensions for people with disabilities
Coronavirus, COVID-19 for new moms

Social/Emotional Resources & Coping with Stress for Children & Families

More social-emotional resources are available here
Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks that require social distancing fact sheet
New York Times Parenting: 4 Ways to Help Your Anxious Kid
Sesame in Communities & First 5 Association Care, Cope, Connect resource
Bright Horizons: Parenting through Uncertainty podcast and resources
Coping in Hard Times Fact Sheet for Parents
The Power of Play in Addressing Trauma fact sheet in English and Spanish
Supporting children during COVID-19 with a trauma-informed focus

Educational Resources  

At-Home Learning App for Parents & Caregivers
The Stay Play Grow app by The Early Learning Lab is designed to support parents and caregivers of children 0-5, providing resources in English and Spanish across a range of areas, including children’s learning and development; self-care strategies; and health & safety guidelines, including how to talk to children about the current health pandemic and racial justice crisis. Available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
At-Home Educational Resources for Children & Families
Spanish-Language At-Home Learning Resources for Children & Families
los gatos pediatrics

Public Health Information & Guidance

World Health Organization (WHO)  
World Health Organization COVID-19 Information                       
WHO COVID-19 Informational Video                                                     
WHO Coronavirus Q&A                                                                                   
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)   
Workplace, School and Home Safety Guidelines                             
How to Stop the Spread of Germs Flyer in English and Spanish
What to Do if You are Sick Flyer                                                               Information for Pregnant Women and Children
Guidance for Caregivers                                                                                
State of California

A new state website dedicated to COVID-19 information is available here.

California Department of Public Health                   
California Department of Public Health COVID-19 Information                            CDPH COVID-19 Infographics in English & Spanish
From the Governor’s Office:
  • Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Suspend Standardized Testing for Students in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak… [READ MORE]
  • Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Protect Ongoing Safety Net Services for Most Vulnerable Californians During COVID-19 Outbreak… [READ MORE]
  • Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order to Allow Timely Delivery of Vital Goods During COVID-19 Outbreak… [READ MORE]
  • California Releases New COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Schools… [READ MORE]
  • Governor Newsom Signs Emergency Legislation to Fight COVID-19… [READ MORE]
  • Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Protect Renters and Homeowners During COVID-19 Pandemic… [READ MORE]
  • California Issues Directive to Fight COVID-19: Seniors and COVID-19 vulnerable residents directed to home isolate… [READ MORE]
Click here to see more information and updates from Governor Newsom’s office.
From State Agencies:
Department of Developmental Services Guidelines: Requirements waived due to COVID-19 & Guidance for Regional Center Monitoring Staff
From Local Agencies:    

Local information from many California counties is available hereSee your local city and county websites and social media pages for more local information.

Other Resources

Supporting Families During a Public Health Crisis: Model Guidance for Virtual Service Delivery
Prevention Hygiene Pamphlet for People with Disabilities in English & Spanish
Green Mountain Self Advocates Information Packet in English and Spanish
For Healthcare Providers: COVID-19 and Toxic Stress
Telehealth Service in Infant Mental Health Home Visiting
Guidance for teachers and councilors during COVID-19 and other crises
Navigating SBA Loans for Small Businesses