Newborn Care

Quality Newborn Care is imperative for your infant’s health and well-being. Newborns skyrocket in growth and development during their few months of life. They will go through massive health changes and require careful monitoring to assure that they are thriving.

Trusting your newborn’s  care to the highly experienced pediatricians at Los Gatos Pediatrics is one of the best decision you will ever make as a parent.  We provide the care your baby needs and requires to grow optimally.

Our pediatricians recommend that parents start with prenatal visits to ensure a healthy start. Our pediatricians are immediately available after you give birth at Good Samaritan Hospital or El Camino Hospital. Find out  more by contacting Los Gatos Pediatrics to schedule your baby’s appointment.

We can’t wait to meet your little one!


Neo Natal Care FAQ


What occurs at a pediatric pre-natal visit?

Prenatal visits are usually scheduled a few weeks before you give birth. This appointment allows you to get to know your pediatrician. You will likely have many questions or concerns and it helps new parents to understand pediatric care before the baby is born.  Los Gatos Pediatrics will guide you on how to prepare for the arrival of your baby and what to expect in the first year of your babies life. We also can provide you with care instructions as needed.

When should I schedule my baby’s  first appointment with a Los Gatos pediatrician?

Let us know your due date. You will also let the staff at the hospital know that Los Gatos Pediatrics is your baby’s pediatrician. The hospital staff will notify Los Gatos Pediatrics when your baby is born. Your newborn’s first examination usually occurs within a day of birth.

If your baby is born at a facility where we do not have privileges, then their staff pediatrician will examines your newborn. Upon discharge, contact Los Gatos Pediatrics to schedule your baby’s newborn  care.  It’s important that we see your baby within their first few days to properly monitor their health and well-being. possible health 

Why are newborn visits so important?

Our pediatricians will check your baby’s weight and height at each visit to assure they are growing at a normal rate. They will also check for developmental milestones.

How do you care for a newborn with jaundice?

Babies with jaundice are born with a yellow tint to their skin and eyes. This is caused by an excess of bilirubin in the blood.  Bilirubin is a waste product normally filtered through the liver. Jaundice commonly starts 3-5 days after the baby is born. Quite often, jaundice will go away on its own within just a few weeks. Persistent, untreated jaundice can cause complications and should be closely monitored.

If your baby was born with jaundice, your baby’s condition must be monitored. Our pediatricians will assure that it is not interfering with your baby’s need for sleep or ability to breastfeed.  

What newborn support do parents need from pediatricians?

We help parents adjust to having a new baby. We are happy to  answer questions you may have regarding development, nutrition, equipment, sleep and a myriad of other topics that will suddenly become front and center as you begin caring for your newborn.  Our pediatricians provide advice and support for breastfeeding moms. We help guide you if your baby is having difficulty sleeping.

Our pediatricians answer your questions regarding circumcision. We will perform the procedure and guide you on providing after-care as well.

For more information, check out this Healthy Kids Learning Hub. Also check out our Services and Pediatric Resources pages for specific issues additional information.