Well Baby Care

Assuring your baby’s health and well-being is the foundation of being the best parent you can be. Partnering with Los Gatos Pediatrics for your well baby care will assure their good health. We honor your trust in us and will treat your children as if they are our own.

Well Baby Care FAQ


What happens during a well baby care appointment?

At a baby’s wellness check, our pediatricians review any health concerns and check on  medical history. Your baby’s height, weight, head circumference are recorded and compared to other baby’s at their age. The pediatrician will perform a thorough physical exam and discuss any developmental or behavioral questions. Your baby will receive regular vaccinations to protect against debilitating diseases per immunization schedules.

How are well-child visits helpful to my child?

Well-baby visits can identify problems with development or growth before they can become major health concerns. Following an immunization schedule prevents serious illness. These appointments also serve as a chance to track your child’s growth and development. 

What are developmental or behavioral health concerns?

The physical health of your baby, such as weight and heart health, are issues that our pediatrician addresses. We also review other issues, such as potty training, motor development, speech development, nutrition, learning, socialization complications and attention difficulties.   

How often are well baby care visits scheduled?

Baby wellness checks are initally scheduled every few weeks, then every few months. We provide you with a schedule of recommended well-baby appointments.

What questions will the doctors ask at well-baby appointments?

Our pediatricians will ask about your baby’s growth and development. We will ask about your baby’s motor skill development milestones, such as rolling over, sitting with or without support,  picking up objects and other motor development milestones. 

For more information, check out this Healthy Kids Learning Hub.  Also check out our Services and Pediatric Resources pages for specific issues additional information.