Sanjivini Keswani, M.D.

With her broad smile, easy-going style and receptive demeanor, Sanjivini Keswani M.D. exemplifies someone doing what they were born to do.  Her love of children and devotion to her practice makes Dr. Keswani a natural as a pediatrician. 

Dr. Keswani’s special gift as a pediatrician is her commitment to being a support for parents and families.  When a child is born, so is a parent.  Dr. Keswani considers mentoring or partnering with parents as one of her greatest contributions for creating healthy childhoods.


Dr. Keswani Is A 5-Star Pediatrician

"She is exactly what you want a pediatrician to be, warm, calm, smart, and thoughtful. ."

Dr. Keswani’s outlook on being a pediatrician is help parents learn about their children’s developmental stages. Arming parents with this knowledge helps them better anticipate their child’s behavioral, emotional, and psycho-social needs.  Dr. Keswani provides educational support at each visit to empower parents to feel more confident in their parenting skills.  To sum up her best advice, Dr. Keswani reminds parents to:

Guide Not Restrict
Observe Don’t Hover
Be A Role Model
Enjoy Being A Parent — Don’t Let It Burden You

Having excelled in college, Dr. Keswani attended  K.E.M. Hospital and Seth G.S. Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical schools in Mumbai, India.  Dr. Keswani completed two residencies.  The first was at J.J. Hospital and Grant Medical College in Mumbai from 1991 to 1994.  The second residency was at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL, from 1997 to 1999.

Dr. Keswani joined Los Gatos Pediatrics in 1999.  Since then, Dr. Keswani also served as Chief of Pediatrics at the Los Gatos Community Hospital for a period of two years. Dr. Keswani has developed a specialization in pediatric food allergies, asthma and behavioral development.  Moreover, working with the body’s natural healing system, Dr. Keswani adopts a judicious use of antibiotics in favor of building a robust immune system.

Dr. Keswani is a Fellow with the American Academy of Pediatrics (F.A.A.P.).

Dr. Keswani enjoys many hobbies, especially sharing activities with her children such as hiking and rock-climbing.  She also enjoys painting and enjoys listening to a variety of music including classical, Bollywood and Hindustani.  Dr. Keswani is a member of the American Hindi Association and teaches Hindi on weekends.

"...We are now convinced she is a rare gem."
"Dr. Keswani is one of those rare individuals who truly loves her craft. She is supremely knowledgeable, generous with her time, and kind"
"Words do not do this doctor justice. She is caring, compassionate and has outstanding communication. ."
"Dr. Keswani was my pediatrician as a child and I loved her! When my daughter was born I knew she had to be my daughter's pediatrician."
"Dr. Keswani is just amazing. Very knowledgable, sincere, and caring."
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