Injury Care

As leading pediatricians in Los Gatos, we offer injury care to help keep children recover and heal from accidents and trauma.  We have helped thousands of children recover from fractures and subsequent rehabilitation.


Injury Care FAQ

What is a sprain?

Sprains and strains are injuries to the ligaments, muscle or tendon. Depending on the severity of the sprain/strain, treatment may require a cast or sling.  

What is a fracture? 

 A fracture is a broken bone.  With children, we normally see broken elbows, wrists, arms, knees and ankles. Fractures need to be addressed immediately. Typically the child will require a cast and for arm-related injuries, the cast should be be put in a sling. The cast allows bones to heal properly and the sling helps your child keep their arm in a comfortable position until they can move it again.

 There will likely be pain and swelling. Rest and non-use of the broken area will significantly aid in recovery and pain management.

How can I help my child cope with pain?

Many parents worry that their child will suffer a lot of pain from an injury. Moreover, injury care can also cause pain if surgery is involved.  Fortunately, our pediatricians know many ways to control pain. It’s important for you, your child, and our pediatricians to work together to reduce or eliminate as much of the pain as possible.

You can help your child better if you are informed and know what to anticipate. Los Gatos Pediatricians will help you both prepare for potentially painful experiences, and help you soothe your child when they are in pain.

Our pediatricians will prescribe pain medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen before or after procedures.

Every effort will be made to control pain, although it cannot always be completely eliminated.

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