Sports Physicals

The doctors at Los Gatos Pediatrics have extensive experience providing comprehensive sports physicals.  We want to ensure that our patients are healthy enough for sports participation and to identify any possible issues that may require treatment to avoid possible medical consequences from sports activity.


Sports Physicals FAQ

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an examination that helps ensure your child is ready and able to participate in the sport or activity of their choosing. Sports physicals are often ordered by a school or other sports organization prior to participation to document your child’s health and his or her ability to participate safely in a sport.

Why are sports physicals important?

We want to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in a sport, but they can also help identify potentially serious issues that should be addressed prior to participation. Your child’s enjoyment of a sport and his or her ability to participate fully depends on good health. A physical ensures your child’s health is optimal for the desired sport so they can avoid injury.

Is a sports physical the same as an annual physical?

While similar, these two types of physicals are different. Sports physicals differ from annual physicals because they focus on evaluating your child’s physical ability to participate on a sport’s team.  Sports physicals will also focus on the health and function of your child’s joints and muscles. Annual physicals, on the other hand, are more comprehensive to  evaluate overall health.

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